The project of the building was developed by LLC “Institute of Modern Design” taking into account modern urban planning requirements and historical and cultural value of the building area. It harmoniously combines elements of classical architecture of the late nineteenth century and modern postmodernism, emphasized by architectural lighting.

The project was implemented by large construction companies CJSC “Aerobud”, OJSC “YuzTS”.

In 2007, at the annual competition held by the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine, BC “Illinsky” received a Diploma of the 1st degree as “The best administrative building built in Ukraine”.

By the Decree of the President of Ukraine No.457/2009 of 18.06.2009 the building of BC “Illinsky” was awarded the State Prize in the field of architecture.

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Podil | Illinsky

Memories of Podil and its stone buildings can be found in the “Tale of Igor’s Campaign”, and during the times of Kyivan Rus its quarters served as a trade and craft center of Kyiv.
The center of Podil was the marketplace – the modern Kontraktova Square.

From the middle of the XIII century until 1811 Podil was the actual center of Kyiv. The Magistrate, the Kyiv Brotherhood, the Kyiv Academy and other citywide facilities were located here.
However, in 1811 there was a fire that changed the appearance of the area – most of the buildings burned down.
After the fire, the restoration of Podil began. Streets were laid, which have survived to this day. It was after the fire that the construction of Hospitnyi Dvir began.

And now add to this work, offices – and we get the Illinsky business center.

On the site of Ilyinsky there were several workshops for sewing clothes, on the basis of which in 1919 the Kyiv-Odizh garment factory was created, and in 1932 it was renamed to the Smirnov-Lastochkin garment factory. After privatization, the factory (OJSC “Lastochka”) was engaged in sewing school uniforms, as well as manufacturing clothes under license from HUGO BOSS and Dolce & Gabbana.

In 2003, the factory was bought out, and a large renovation began to transform the factory into a modern building of the Illinsky Business Center. To pay tribute to the history, the legal name was left – LLC “Lastivka LTD”.

Illinsky is a business center that has its own history, its own spirit and its own energy.

Total area
Area of office space
Area of the land plot
Underground parking


Maintenance of all engineering systems of the building
Round the clock security of the complex, including automatic security of the premises
Possibility to place video advertising and printed materials
Cleaning of the common and adjacent areas
Bicycle parking in the underground parking
Cafe, bank branches, private notary
Window and facade systems cleaning services
Twenty-four hour parking

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