✔ Location

The new office should be located within a convenient distance for your employees, customers and suppliers. It is a good idea to choose a location near the center or historical part of the city. Don’t forget to check the convenience of transport links – the ideal office should be no more than a 10-minute walk from the nearest metro station.


✔ Visibility and accessibility

The problem of “visibility” is best solved by popular business centers that allow customers to complement the exterior with their own advertising signs.
A closed and somewhat “masonic” space is ideal for themed establishments, but for an IT or service company it can be a curse.
After choosing an office, don’t forget to add your company’s address to Google Maps so that your customers, couriers and employees can make a convenient route.


✔ Infrastructure

– Availability of cafes for different budgets.
– Banks and post offices.
– Fitness halls. – Supermarkets.
– Coffee shops.
– Printing industry.
– Parking for cars and bicycles.


✔ Space that requires minimal maintenance

If you are opening a new branch or launching your new project, it is crucial to choose an office with at least basic cosmetic repairs to make the initial investment worthwhile.
Be vigilant about checking the condition of the building – save yourself future problems regarding heating, technology installation and maintenance.The leasing manager should conduct a thorough inspection with you so that you can assess not only the structural integrity of the building, but also the quality of electricity, heating, air conditioning and plumbing.
Assess where wiring and cables should be placed. Make sure you can successfully charge your heavy-duty equipment and whether this process can be backed up in the event of an emergency.


✔ Comfort


Check the location of the windows to see if there is enough natural light entering the building in the main work areas.
Fancy angles and rounded walls will add some dynamics to any office, but can limit desk and storage space.
Count on the fact that your business, including the number of your employees, will grow – there should be enough space for everyone.



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