Office design is not only about beauty or style, it is also about creating favorable conditions for productive work.

Modern offices stand out for their simplicity and at the same time thought out to the smallest detail. Today, functionality and comfort are the motto for design solutions.

• Transforming offices •

The practicality of the workspace is one of the main requirements for most commercial facilities. For example, Japanese companies use mobile internal partitions that are easily transformed and can turn a conference room into several separate workplaces in a matter of minutes.

Another design solution of the Japanese is hanging panels that can be used as whiteboards or announcements. Such know-how can serve as a full-fledged zoning of workplaces.

• Zen with nature •

Furniture and decor made of natural materials and lots of greenery. Such details are present in many “green offices”, the purpose of which is the unity of man with nature. A large number of plants enriches the room with oxygen, creates additional ventilation and humidification, which has a positive effect on the physical condition of employees.

Scientists also believe that such landscaping calms, reduces stress and promotes productivity.

• Simple and concise •

Choosing minimalism, you focus on the functionality of your space. 

It is already like a classic, never goes out of fashion.
Ideally, it is a well-planned and attentive to details style, without excessive decor and pathos.

For rational zoning, designers use bench systems or endless desks. For example, you can attach many additional elements to one such table and create four, six or more workplaces instead of two.

The results of the American study CBRE How Workplace Experience Can Boost Employee Engagement showed that the availability of amenities in the workplace affects the overall level of motivation in 95% of employees.

A total of 1600 office workers in North America were surveyed:

– 53% of employees prefer a good view from the window.

– 53% of respondents chose natural light.

– 44% note the importance of food delivery service or access to a cafeteria.

– 28% believe that open space is the best way to plan a workspace.

Remember, any office should be a place for inspiration, so investing in its appearance – you automatically invest in the efficiency of your employees.

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