Paul J. Meyer, a well-known author of books on goal setting, development and self-improvement, is convinced that “productivity is not an accident, it is always the result of the pursuit of excellence, intelligent planning and focused efforts”.

What factors contribute to the decrease in productivity and what measures should be taken in order not to risk the success of your own business?

• Financial motivation

The most difficult thing is to work with employees who are not motivated to improve the state of affairs of the company. Their work is extremely unstable and always needs encouragement and incentives.

According to many HR experts, high salaries and bonuses are the only thing that motivates employees to work for the result. Of course, if salary revision has not been a priority for your company for the last 3 years, this may well explain the frivolous attitude to the position and constant absenteeism.

Solution: Adjust the budget, think about a system of financial donations for the best employees of the month or introduce the practice of salary review every year.

• Office atmosphere

A favorable environment in the office can improve professional potential and work efficiency.

Some tips for organizing office life:

– Properly plan the workspace: an area for individual work, a relaxation area and a conference-room. If necessary, update outdated repairs – the interior should be cozy and spacious.

– Technical support. Computers of 2005 are definitely worth replacing. A Gallup poll showed that less than half of U.S. employees believe that their company provides them with the technical support necessary to effectively perform their job duties. We are sure the situation in Ukraine is no better.

Do not spare money for a good provider, bad Internet is a bad language for business.- Form corporate traditions. Joint breakfast, pizza every Friday, participation in a sports marathon or birthday surprises. It is important that those who work for the common goals of the company are a real team, that they are connected not only by work, but also by leisure and friendly atmosphere.

• Development and perspective

To the question of the HR manager: “Why did you leave your previous job”, you can often hear: “There is no opportunity for career development in the company” or “I have been working in the same position for 5 years and do not see any prospects”.

Lack of self-realization can put an end to the effectiveness of your employees. Encourage continuous learning and career development.

Today, most employers offer partially or fully paid English courses, the opportunity to participate in international conferences, attend lectures or seminars of famous speakers. Create all conditions for corporate education and support your employees in personal development.

By investing in the development of your team’s working skills, you will create a more developed workforce that will benefit your company in the future. 

A competent approach is important in everything. A share of motivation, a pinch of implementation, a comfortable office and you get the desired return: a responsible attitude to work, a loyal team and positive trends in the company’s development.

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